Our Technology Brings It All Together Empowering You To Choose & Invest With Confidence

Our cutting-edge cloud investment platform empowers you with the proper technology tool set to prepare, execute and capitalize on the entire investment process online from A-Z. Leverage our E-Sign document vault, investment selection wizards, and fundamental third party research. Plus, you can customize your web experience with easy, intuitive features like “My Investments”, letting you add multiple investments within your pipeline. Empowering you with the right tools to choose. Everything you need to build and manage your Net Lease commercial real estate portfolio in one place.

Self-Direct Your IRA To Commercieal Real Estate Ownership

Diversify your IRA portfolio with direct ownership in an Investment-Grade Net Lease property. We have integrated a Self-Directed IRA capability directly into our back-end platform, enabling accredited individuals with an IRA to also participate and diversify in Net Lease commercial real estate ownership. With over 60,000 clients nationwide and $5 billion under custody, our custodial partner is the leading provider for Self-Directed custodial services. Our forward-thinking integration makes the process of Self-Directing your Traditional IRA to participate in an iCapRate Net Lease commercial real estate investment seamless and effortless. Why you ask? Because our mission and approach guides us to bringing Net Lease commercial real estate ownership to all.

We Employ The Very Best In E-Sign Technology To Facilitate Paperless Transactions

E-Sign technology is a powerful means facilitating business to be conducted virtually anywhere at anytime. We firmly believe in choice and by employing strict guidelines enacted under the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) and E-Sign laws, we provide our clients with the flexibility to choose when and where they decide to conduct business.

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