Net Lease (NNN) Commercial Real Estate Is Our Passion

The iCapRate "Investment Focus" begins by leveraging our deep knowledge and years of experience. This acquired expertise provides insight into tremendous investment opportunities within the commercial real estate asset arena, specifically within the sub-class categories of Single Tenant and Multi-Tenant Net Lease property, where the recognition of market changing innovation and active management can deliver exceptional returns.

Prior to sourcing any particular Net Lease investment, we ensure each asset falls within the following acquisition criteria:

Single Tenant or Multi-Tenant Net Lease Properties:

• Investment Size: $1 to $30 million
• Product Type: Single Tenant or Multi-Tenant retail or industrial
• Location: Metropolitan areas with population of at least 500,000
• Minimum Lease Term: 7 years
• Credit: Will consider local and Investment-Grade tenants
• Minimum Cap Rate: 6%


• Investment Size: $5 to $30 million
• Minimum Size: 60,000 SF
• Product Type: Class A and B, Bulk Distribution, Office/Warehouse
• Location: Suburban or in-fill
• Office Space: Less than 25% office finish
• Clear height: 22' minimum
• Docking: Adequate dock-high loading
• Other Considerations: Stabilized Value-Add, Single-Tenant, Net Lease


• Investment Size: $8 to $30million
• Minimum Size: 60,000 SF
• Product Type: Class A & B properties; low-rise & mid-rise
• Location: Suburban
• Other Considerations: Functionally competitive, 4:1,000 parking or greater, Value-Add

Target Market

We target specific markets across the entire United States within the expansion or recovery phase of the real estate market cycle.

We look for markets that exhibit the following criteria:

• Rental rate growth
• Decreasing vacancy rates
• High barriers to entry for new supply
• Low to moderate new construction
• Excellent infrastructure
• Moderate to high employment growth
• Moderate to high absorption rates

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