Full Life-Cycle Asset Managment

Whats sets us apart from the rest, is our ability to identify and gain access to the highest performing Net Lease investment opportunities and manage each asset throughout its entire life-cycle. iCapRate capitalizes on its proprietary and world class investment approach that acts as a blue-print for each asset being exclusively offered through our marketplace. This process provides our member investors with the same due diligence, acquisition, management and leasing expertise as large wall street institutional investors are provided. We take pride in our meticulous investment approach, enabling our clients with direct access to some of the top performers within the Net Lease asset class.

A Disciplined Net Lease (NNN) Investment Strategy

iCapRate establishes a blue-print business plan for each asset, identifying distinctive investment strategies that will optimize income and position each asset to maximize investor return at exit. By exploiting pricing and operating inefficiencies inherent in commercial real estate, iCapRate establishes value through leveraging our long-standing industry relationships and expertise by implementing the following strategies:

• Maximize cash distributions to each investor through prudent asset management practices
• Preserve, protect and improve tenant mix while negotiating more favorable lease terms
• Realize growth in net cash flows from sourcing stronger credit tenants and improving occupancy
• Release value in property through improving physical attributes and quality of the asset
• Sourcing attractive deal flow through well established nationwide relationships
• Maintain asset interest alignment with fellow limited members through side-by-side investment participation
• Create long term asset value planning maximized return on exit

iCapScore™ Certification Assignment

We take each asset through a rigorous 145 point due-diligence checklist to certify and rate each Net Lease investment offering before making it available on the platform. Unlike other portals, we take pride in each asset that is being offered for investment. If a sourced Net Lease asset does not meet our rigorous due-diligence analysis we do not place it on our platform, it's that simple. We invest alongside our member partners ensuring that interests are aligned.

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