• “New marketing freedoms provided by the JOBS Act loosened an 80-year-old federal law prohibiting companies from advertising investment opportunities to the general public.”
    The Wall Street Journal
  • “Financial innovation, guided by advancements in technology and a new regulatory landscape, has triggered sweeping changes across the entire financial services sector.”
  • "The world of crowdfunding has emerged as a revolutionary form of startup funding, with an expected $5 billion in annual global transactions."
  • "..represents a groundbreaking way for individuals to obtain direct ownership at a lower capital threshold, leveraging the expertise of a world-class asset management firm.."
    Samantha Hurst, Crowdfund Insider
  • "This new peer-to-peer game in real estate investment is an irreversible trend that is rocking the traditional banking and investment players."

How iCapRate Works

iCapRate allows investors to co-invest in high quality commercial real estate.


iCapRate forms a property syndicate

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Investors agree to co-invest in the property syndicate.

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Property Acquisition

Once the full funding amount is reached, the property is acquired and quarterly dividend disbursements to investors begins.

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What Is A Triple Net (NNN) Net Lease Investment?

Understanding The NNN Asset

The triple net (NNN) or Net Lease commercial real estate asset class serves as an ideal investment vehicle for long-term investors seeking passive income with competitive risk-adjusted returns, while also benefiting from owning commercial real estate with limited to very little landlord responsibilities. Until iCapRate was introduced to the marketplace, this premium asset class has been primarily reserved for the few. Through our intimate knowledge and years of Net Lease domain expertise, iCapRate has created an innovative marketplace designed to democratize NNN ownership across the entire accredited investor community.
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Why Commercial Real Estate?

Historical Analysis Of A Premier Asset Class

During periods of rising interest rates and a strengthening economy, commercial real estate has traditionally outperformed any other major asset class, including stocks and bonds. During the last six monetary tightening cycles since 1979, when US treasury yields rose significantly, traditional and non traditional commercial real estate assets have generated cumulative returns of 56% compared to 38% for stocks and 4% for Bonds.
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iCapRate Certified and Rated!

Expertise Delivered

We focus on providing each one of our client's with the ability to leverage the same Net Lease commercial real estate expertise delivered to large wall street institutional firms. The certification process starts by taking each asset through a proprietary 145-point due diligence checklist. Upon the completion of due diligence, the asset is either released for failure to meet proper investment criteria or is assigned a score, certifying a standard for asset value when being made available as an investment offering on our platform.

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